Open Banking

Obtain your each client's financial transactions for increased oversight, transparency, and guidance


Improve quality and efficiency

With the Thomson Reuters® Confirmation Open Banking, auditors can access their clients' commercial account data for examination, testing and validation with more than 2,600 European financial institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, and Lloyds.

Open Banking allows auditors to obtain their clients’ bank account transaction information directly from the bank, digitally. This new source of data gives the promise of better quality audit evidence when coupled with an audit confirmation obtained through a secure closed network.


Unedited and directly from the bank

Thomson Reuters Open Banking provides a holistic and accurate view of a client’s account balance and underlying transactional data for examination, testing, and validation of their financial status. The source data is unedited and directly from the bank for a faster response time and greater accuracy.


Easy initiation

Get online authorisation from your client with roll forward consent for up to 180 days of ongoing data updates.


Unedited data

Obtain unedited transactional source data directly from the bank in a consistent, easy-to-analyse format.


Growing network

Connect to more than 2,600 banks that utilise open banking — and that’s just the beginning.


Superior security

Reduce the risk of fraud with standards that align with the longstanding history customers trust.

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Cloud based

Rely on a more secure and convenient open banking experience to meet today’s demands.

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Seamless integration

Tap into Confirmation, the leading digital platform and global network for confirming financial data. (coming 2025)

Faster process with clearer visibility


Confidently advise your clients, provide higher-quality audits, and focus on higher-value tasks with an automated, cloud-based tool.

  • Obtain unedited transactional source data directly from the bank 
  • Back the audit opinion with additional audit evidence
  • Analyse robust transactional data to provide advisory services
  • Aggregate client data from different banks into the same format 

Getting started is fast and easy


There’s nothing to install. Get started today with three simple steps:

   1. Register or log in
   2. Invite your customer to provide consent
   3. Receive the data
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